Holiday Greetings Basket

This basket is a welcome gift for any large office, or any large group to share! This gift comes with tons of individually wrapped gourmet festive treats, so everyone can choose their favourites! 


- Truffle Pig Direct Fair Trade Chocolate Holiday House (30 piece individually wrapped truffles)

- Almond Nougat (Variety of Flavours, Individually Wrapped)

- Laura Secord Individually Wrapped


- Chocolate Biscotti (3)

- Caramel Popcorn (2)

- Chocolate Covered Coffee Beans (2)

- Individual Coffee Packs (3)

- Cookie It up Chocolate Chip Individual Chocolate Chip Cookies (4)

- Organic Holiday Tea Flavours (12)

- "Handfuel" Pistachios with Himalayan Sea Salt (2)

- Honey Roasted Peanuts (2)

- Holiday Variety Hot Chocolate Flavours (3)

- Peppermint Taffy (2)

- Milk Chocolate Licorice (2)

- Butter Flavoured Pretzels (2)

- Red Velvet Cherries (2)

- "Walker's" Original Shortbread Cookies (4)  


The above, plus:

- "Sweetsmith" Peanut Brittle *local*

- "Sweetsmith" Sweet and Salty Cocoa Bark *local*

- "Sweetsmith" Espresso Brittle

All nestled along with more coffee and cookies to accommodate more people


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